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Bangkok based, Stu Grant is a live electronic artist echoing through the space between bass heavy techno and ambient.

Comfortable in front of any audience, at any tempo, at any time during the night or day, he performs with a Modular rig and decaying drum machines. With decades of DJ and live experience behind him, he ensures a flow to the night, rising a falling as part of the creative experience. Equally happy playing live solo, or teaming up with other musicians as seen on the Live Loop Asia 2018 Tour.

2019 marked 25 years of collecting, sampling and discovery resulting in his first full studio album (Noise Mythology) and live gigs in China for the first time.

Recorded and mixed in Bangkok over three years this atmospheric blend of found sounds, analogue synths and timeless drums was released to critical acclaim.

Cutting his teeth in the Birmingham techno scene of the mid-1990s he has been producing and performing since 1994, live and as a DJ.

From 1996-2000 he co-ran Embryo Records. A driving techno label respected and played by Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Fumiya Tanaka, Surgeon, Luke Slater, Space DJz and many others.

Since 2015 he’s operated the MCHNWRKS record label running out of New York & Bangkok, producing deeper techno under the pseudonym Redshifter, and live works under Asymmetric.

2017 onwards he has promoted Modulate (Bangkok), a live experimental electronica evening followed by a pounding techno club popular with locals and passing Europeans.

Available for gigs across SE Asia until July 2020 and Europe from August 2020-December 2020. Booking: [email protected]

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Selected Stu Grant – Old Tracks (1990s)
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Live Sets
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