Bricolage VA Volume 4

I get a few requests now and again to review other artists work and it’s nice to get something that has a range of musical styles. Yes, believe it or not techno isn’t my only love.

There is a bit of ambient, bit of glitch I suppose and some bass music ranging from dub to drum & bass. And there are a couple of cool techno tracks on it too.

The one that really floats my boat is jaffaKid – Experience. If you follow my music you will know that I veer towards the proggy end of techno and this is right there with me. Sweeping arpeggios and weird detuned synth pads along with sparse club drums at a pace that’s probably a little too fast for me these days..but that’s what the pitch control is there for right? Definitely reminds me of the very early 90s and some of the tracks coming out of the German techno scene before it morphed into trance.

The whole thing is available for a pay what you want, so take a listen to the rest and if anything floats your boat then chuck them a quid or so.

Nice work fellas.