Embryo – A brief history

I used to release tracks on vinyl back in the 90s/00s. Every so often I find that someone has kindly stuck something on youtube (which is nice).


Embryo Records was setup by myself and Chris McCormack after we met during some downtime in a chill-out tent at tribal gathering (I shit you not). I’m sure that those of you who know Chris will find that pretty amusing.

Anyway, we pretty quickly built up a decent name for the label. This was the 4th release (my 2nd) and my first solo EP. Dave Clarke mentioned it once in his best records of the year for a magazine (Mixmag?) and I think we used that tagline for the next 5 years. In reality I think it turned up 20 minutes before he was interviewed for the piece. Anyway, I heard him play this out a couple of times and also Jeff Mills, Luke Slater and probably a few others but it was a hazy time so a few names escape me.

Here is a playlist of the EP that someone was kind enough to rip and put online. I’ll do a decent copy of it at some point.

Interestingly the B2 track (actually A2 on the record but it doesn’t matter) is the most similar to what I produce today. Definitely notice something about the synths, reverb and hats in that.

It was a decent little label really considering we had no idea what we were doing. All went fine until we decided to do a weird double pack which didn’t really fit that well with our series of EPs. I think we were trying to branch out a bit but in hindsight we should have just stuck to what we knew.

Number 9 was the final EP, ‘the core trax’ and had my favourite track on it that I’ve ever produced. My plan at the time was to start a new label called ‘core trax’ based around this sound which was a bit more dubby and a bit looser than my previous tunes but for various reasons it was to be my last release for a long time.


Looking back maybe I wouldn’t have released 2 of the 4 of those tracks and I rarely played these out. Interesting reviewing that and comparing it to these days where I am much more selective about what goes out of the door.

I will try to sample up the rest of the vinyl when I return to the UK in the summer and post some updates.

FREE DOWNLOAD Tech-Noir 006 2nd June 2016

Not a hugely attended night but we were expecting that since it’s way out of the peak season. Hopefully will start to fill up from September onwards.