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Since I’ve started producing music, when I was very young, I’ve always had a fascination with deep pads, spacey bass and heavy doses of reverb and echo. I guess it was just growing up in the 80s when every decent film had a synth soundtrack and Pink Floyd and Jean Michel Jarre were being played on 1 in 3 stereos.

This clearly led into my music today but up until recently it’s all been pretty fast paced really. I recently started playing around with my tunes and, I will say discovered but I guess I already knew, that a lot of it’s very suitable for ambient works. In fact I’ve always produced ambient versions of my tunes so I’m not sure why this took me so long for me to work on it properly.

I got the opportunity to run the downstairs at Whiteline in Bangkok for a night. What to do? It’s a bar and was an early start, and to be frank, Bangkok has more than it’s fair share of empty nights playing what people call, but isn’t really, techno.

So instead we decided to put on an ambient/intelligent electronica night called Luk means Deep (Luk is the thai word for deep if you hadn’t worked it out).

Anyways, to cut a ramble that is starting to go on too long short, I played live for a couple of hours pivoting my club techno set into ambient. Dubbing down the drums, playing sub 100bpm for the first time in about 20 years and washing the music with lovely echo and reverb. And fuck me I think it actually sounded really interesting. I still got ‘into the zone’ as they say and totally enjoyed it.

I will of course still produce my techno in the same way because I don’t really know any other way but it’s nice to know that it can serve two different ideas and maybe this might be more suitable for the day time festivals I’m trying to get into. Can’t think of anything better than playing an ambient set to a half full field of chilled out ravers and families in the sun.

Here is the set on Youtube..

And if you want the mp3 to listen to offline it’s here.

Hope you enjoy and please follow me on Youtube as I will be posting all of my live sets up there eventually.

New EP and new Live Set

I’ve been a little quiet since the winter holidays because I’ve been working hard in preparing my live set. This has been collecting everything that I’ve produced over the last couple of years and making it suitable to take out with me. Just long hours of chopping, re-editing and tidying up really as well as practice of course. It’s been pretty cool to go over some tracks that I liked but were maybe not suitable for dancefloors and I’ve found hundreds of tracks and loops that I never finished or couldn’t get to sound right.

I reckon it’s been a good solid two months to get this sorted out, which isn’t bad because now I have it then I never have to do that part again and my new tracks can fit in. With a bit more preparation I should be able to play anywhere from hard-ish techno to ambient with a deep flavour throughout using the same set but with different parts.

I’m debuting this tomorrow at Glow in Bangkok. FunktionOne soundsystem so where better?

Also, I have a new EP coming out soon. I’m releasing it on RedPhase after holding on for it for a bit. There was some interest from compilations but I’m still trying to get my head around digital compilations, in fact digital releasing in general is giving me a headache. But that is a post for another day.

Free Download – Adventures of Darma

If you’re reading this you’re one of my valued supporters. This is just a quick message to say thanks for supporting me over 2016. I know that there are some of you that have bought everything I’ve done this year and endlessly shared posts and blogs. I do really appreciate it and hopefully it will lead to a few bigger releases this year, maybe even a festival or two in the summer. We shall see! Even if that doesn’t happen you’ve given me enough motive to keep going and slowly my music is becoming more how I see it in my dreams.

To thank you I’m making this available to you. It’s a kind of private release but feel free to share it if you wish.

You can download from this private link –> Soundcloud

The original track is dear to my heart having had it on an early Sven Vath tape from the early 90s. I’ve never heard a decent remix of this because once you slow it down it’s hard to get a groove around it. Anyway, this was my third attempt in the last 15 years and I got close enough to be able to send it out to you. Hope you enjoy the monkey off my back. If you don’t know it then it’s worth checking out some of this stuff from early on before techno and trance separated. You can probably get a picture of where some of my music comes from today.

So Happy Xmas, New Year or holidays or whatever you are celebrating. Catch you in 2017!



Free download

Just found a dub techno track I produced in 2009. Doesn’t sound too shabby so I uploaded it to Soundcloud where you can download for free.

Bricolage VA Volume 4

I get a few requests now and again to review other artists work and it’s nice to get something that has a range of musical styles. Yes, believe it or not techno isn’t my only love.

There is a bit of ambient, bit of glitch I suppose and some bass music ranging from dub to drum & bass. And there are a couple of cool techno tracks on it too.

The one that really floats my boat is jaffaKid – Experience. If you follow my music you will know that I veer towards the proggy end of techno and this is right there with me. Sweeping arpeggios and weird detuned synth pads along with sparse club drums at a pace that’s probably a little too fast for me these days..but that’s what the pitch control is there for right? Definitely reminds me of the very early 90s and some of the tracks coming out of the German techno scene before it morphed into trance.

The whole thing is available for a pay what you want, so take a listen to the rest and if anything floats your boat then chuck them a quid or so.

Nice work fellas.



So I just realised that I haven’t updated this site for ages. What’s gwarn? Loads really. I’ve DJd a few times in Bangkok but generally taking it easy with less gigs this year and more production. Currently just finishing off remixes for MCHNWRKS 04 and also SimpleCoding who are my friends in Argentina.

Studio coming on nicely, sold a few things and bought a few things including an Elektron Octatrack which is just a brilliant piece of kit. Working a lot less in the box these days.

And we released MCHNWRKS 03!!. It’s been picked up by a few people and there is a video of it floating around the web of my remix being played in a club in Toledo, Spain. Pretty cool really.

You can find the release here if you want to listen or support us 🙂

The bandcamp version has an exclusive track from Owen De Vivo AKA RhythmDial.

And just for good measure I’ve stuck a free download Ambient version of my Meteor2216 remix on Soundcloud.

Fill your boots.

Simplecoding Podcast #11

UPDATE: If you missed this it can be found here

My Argentinian friends asked me to do a podcast for them which I managed to squeeze in before leaving Bangkok earlier this month. It was all recorded live including a drum machine and delay pedal. You can hear it this afternoon at 4pm UK time mistakes and all!

Simplecoding Recordings monthly podcast on UK – The online Radio of pure high class techno. This month we are promoting the latest Simplecoding Recordings release (SIMC0009) “BAYOMO EP” with two of the remixers involved… Portuguese producer “Be_Bop” opens the show, then Great UK Producer Stu Grant “Redshifter” for the closing.

Episode #11 special guest: Be_Bop / Redshifter
tune in:





11h (Ar)
03 pm (UK)
10 am (NY)
11 am (Rio)
12 am (Vienna)
11 pm (Tokyo)
12 am (Sydney)


To download our latest podcast:

To listen to our entire archive.

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Orlando (Techno for charity)

The terrible shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orland has left me scratching my head at the senseless violence for a couple of days. I went in the studio this morning to try to flush out my feelings and this was what came out.

Any proceeds made here will be donated to The Centre, Orlando who’s mission is “to promote and empower the GLBT Community and its allies through information, education, advocacy and support.” I will match any purchase funds in the donation.

You can donate directly here with all of the money going to the victims families and friends.

Please share this wherever you can.

Comp for Andreas Gehm

I saw this pop up a few times recently in my feed so thought I’d look into it. I was interested because the initial request was for free tracks to help out someone called Andreas Gehm and it was reposted by Orlando Voorn. Not having heard of Andreas before I looked him up and he’s a producer, getting on a bit like I am, and having a few serious health issues at the moment which means that he can’t work. Hard times.

So a friend of his has organised this massive (and I mean fucking huge) compilation for him which other producers have given their tracks for free. There are 126 tracks and over 13 hours of music here. Just to put this into perspective, I didn’t have the hard disk space to download the lot as wav so instead had to download the 1.8GB as mp3!

The stand out techno tracks for me are from Paul Mac and FBK. These will easily slot into my Bangkok techno sets.


Others that I’ve kept for different sets and just because I think they are great are from 69forever, Aleksander von Zimmer, Andreas Gehm, Acid S, Carlos Nilmmns, Demented Machine, Drox, Errell Ranson, Herwarth Sturm, Hoax Believers, IASI, Martin Heimann, n’Sequel, Nubian Mindz (lovely ambient track), Orlando Voorn, Phonophlux, Sean Dixon, Shawnn Lai, Tom Dicicco and Weakmassive.

So a massive compilation with some big names in there for a good cause. As a friend of mine posted recently about another compilation.

You’d have to basically hate electronic music to not buy this.



New unreleased tracks available on Bandcamp

I’ve just uploaded my last EP, The Eye of Jupiter, to Bandcamp and added two tracks. One was a track called Storm that I cut off the original EP because I only wanted the published version to have two tracks. Storm is a heavy, pretty pacey, techno track made for layering on top.

The other is an ambient version of Jupiter. The immersive pads sound pretty cool with the sparse bass rhythm.

You can listen and buy from here along with the original versions too.