New EP and new Live Set

I’ve been a little quiet since the winter holidays because I’ve been working hard in preparing my live set. This has been collecting everything that I’ve produced over the last couple of years and making it suitable to take out with me. Just long hours of chopping, re-editing and tidying up really as well as practice of course. It’s been pretty cool to go over some tracks that I liked but were maybe not suitable for dancefloors and I’ve found hundreds of tracks and loops that I never finished or couldn’t get to sound right.

I reckon it’s been a good solid two months to get this sorted out, which isn’t bad because now I have it then I never have to do that part again and my new tracks can fit in. With a bit more preparation I should be able to play anywhere from hard-ish techno to ambient with a deep flavour throughout using the same set but with different parts.

I’m debuting this tomorrow at Glow in Bangkok. FunktionOne soundsystem so where better?

Also, I have a new EP coming out soon. I’m releasing it on RedPhase after holding on for it for a bit. There was some interest from compilations but I’m still trying to get my head around digital compilations, in fact digital releasing in general is giving me a headache. But that is a post for another day.