Comp for Andreas Gehm

I saw this pop up a few times recently in my feed so thought I’d look into it. I was interested because the initial request was for free tracks to help out someone called Andreas Gehm and it was reposted by Orlando Voorn. Not having heard of Andreas¬†before I looked him up and he’s a producer, getting on a bit like I am, and having a few serious health issues at the moment which means that he can’t work. Hard times.

So a friend of his has organised this massive (and I mean fucking huge) compilation for him which other producers have given their tracks for free. There are 126 tracks and over 13 hours of music here. Just to put this into perspective, I didn’t have the hard disk space to download the lot as wav so instead had to download the 1.8GB as mp3!

The stand out techno tracks for me are from Paul Mac and FBK. These will easily slot into my Bangkok techno sets.


Others that I’ve kept for different sets and just because I think they are great are from 69forever, Aleksander von Zimmer, Andreas Gehm, Acid S, Carlos Nilmmns, Demented Machine, Drox, Errell Ranson, Herwarth Sturm, Hoax Believers, IASI, Martin Heimann, n’Sequel, Nubian Mindz (lovely ambient track), Orlando Voorn, Phonophlux, Sean Dixon, Shawnn Lai, Tom Dicicco and Weakmassive.

So a massive compilation with some big names in there for a good cause. As a friend of mine posted recently about another compilation.

You’d have to basically hate electronic music to not buy this.