Here we go then! Release day and I’m really proud to announce the first release on our new label. Proof, if ever it was needed, that you are never really too old to get back into something if your heart is in it.

You might have already heard these tracks played out before as I’ve been trialling versions both live and mixed around Bangkok for a few months now.

I also know it’s already been played in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and recently I heard Owen play a live version on the radio at the other side of the planet.

So enough of that mushy bollocks before I start weeping. You can find our first release for Mchnwrks in the following stores amongst others 🙂

If you wish to support us then that would be wonderful and if so, it’d be great to buy it from Bandcamp. You can stream it there too. Living in Thailand I am getting all sorts of territory restrictions from Beatport and iTunes but hopefully it’s on there too if it’s easier for you.

And whilst I’m here, a massive happy Birthday to Owen aka RhythmDial Techno too.

Cheers, Stu

Stu Grant (Redshifter) and Owen De Vivo (RhythmDial) team up to open this new label. The original mix created by Owen a year ago is heavy and harsh, penetrating any basement rave with ease. Stu’s remix brings it up to date creating a hook for the floor with space to breathe. Rough, imperfect, noisy, electronic funk generated by decaying machines.